Launch Appliance from AWS Marketplace

Follow the below steps to launch Jamcracker Appliance from AWS Marketplace.

  1. Login to AWS Account.

  2. Navigate to AWS Marketplace or search for Jamcracker Appliance. You can search for Hybrid Cloud Management or CSB for Service Provider

  3. Click Continue to Subscribe.

  4. If you want to continue with the default settings just click Continue to Subscribe button.
  5. Click Accept Terms.

  6. Click Continue to Configure. However, before you start configuring your appliance, you must ensure that you should have a valid Key Pair to launch your instance. If you do not have one, navigate to Manual Launch tab and click Launch EC2 Console against the AMI ID under launch section and follow the steps described in Launch Jamcracker Appliance using AWS to generate a Key Pair.

    Let's assume that you have a valid Key Pair and you want to change the Region, VPC Settings, Security Groups and Key Pair (if you have multiple key pairs) follow the below steps:

  7. Select the Region where you want your instance to be launched from the region drop-down list. Click Continue to Launch.

  8. You can either proceed with the existing VPC and Subnet or you can create your own VPC and Subnets. Click here to know how to create VPC and Subnet.

  9. Create Security Group. If you have already created a security group, then select the one from the drop-down list. The HTTP and HTTPs rules will appear for the instance. This is Mandatory to access your instance from anywhere. If the HTTP and HTTPs rules are not defined/configured, you can still launch the instance. However you can still add the rules after the instance is launch. Refer to Step 10 in AWS Console to know how to add rules.

  10. Once key pair is associated with the selected Region, Click Launch button gets activated. You will be notified with a message Thank you for launching Jamcracker Appliance. An instance of this software is now deploying on EC2.
    • Jamcracker appliance will be launched in your EC2 console. Navigate to your EC2 console and click on EC2 to see the instance running and then Click on 1 Running instances.

    • The status of the appliance changes to "Initializing".

    • After few minutes, the instance completes 2/2 checks which indicates that the instance is active and running.
    • Click on the instance and make note of the IPv4 Public IP which is required to continue.

  11. Add the copied IP to your system host file. Your host file is usually located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts location.
  12. Associate the appliance URL to the added IP in the host file and save the host file.
    • Product URL:

  13. Navigate to Jamcracker Appliance.
  14. You need to upload the license file to access the appliance.

Get your License Key

To get the license file, fill-in the request form and submit the same. Once you submit the form, you will receive an email with the license file and credentials.