Active Directory

The Enterprise Store is your corporate online store which allows you to order corporate approved cloud applications for your department in a secure and effective way. The store catalog displays the cloud applications that have business applicability for your organization. As an administrator, you can place a request for the services available on the catalog. The enterprise administrator reviews your requests, then approves or rejects the requests. Once the request is approved, the enterprise administrator assigns the services to your department. You can assign the services to yourself or your users (employees).

The Jamcracker Appliance offers a robust cloud service marketplace and management system. It provides a comprehensive cloud service delivery model for enterprises to buy cloud applications and distribute them to their users (employees). With Jamcracker Appliance, enterprises can make the cloud applications instantly available to their employees, employee groups and departments. The Jamcracker Appliance enterprise store is your corporate online store which allows you to conveniently access, launch or download your enterprise approved cloud applications. It allows your IT administrator to provision and distribute the cloud services in an effective and secure way. As a user, you can log in to the store using your credentials, access the Dashboard page or the Manage Subscriptions page, and start accessing the applications that you administrator has assigned to you.

As an enterprise administrator, you can add cloud applications from the marketplace and make them available in the enterprise store catalog. You can manage a catalog for the purchased applications so that the various departments can request from the catalog. You can approve or reject the departmental request for the applications, assign these applications to the departments or employees, assign roles and privileges to users, manage purchased applications and so on.

The Jamcracker Appliance enables enterprises to manage all aspects associated with the aggregation, delivery and management of cloud applications - including cataloguing, provisioning, access control, security, auditing, monitoring, reporting, metering, billing, administration, and user support.

The Jamcracker Appliance supports integration/synchronization with Active Directory (Directory Server). Integration with Active Directory Server is available to help facilitate and manage the on boarding process of users, roles and departments to Jamcracker Appliance. You can also use the directory server to authenticate your users to Jamcracker Appliance.
Note: Please note, once you add your users to the Jamcracker Appliance, you cannot Add User through Bulk Upload Process, Reset User Password, and Delete Users.

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