Budgeting and Showback Report

This feature allows you to set/define a budget and associate it to requests, instances and track the budget utilization. This feature is flexible per department, per user, and per cost center. You can set/define budget codes, to do so, you must download the template (in .xls or .xlsx format only) provide by your store administrator and upload with some column (like Budget Period, Budget Code, Budget Description, Allocated Amount and the Threshold in %). So, once you have these information in a .xls or .xlsx format file, upload the file. To upload the file, do the following:

  1. Login to Jamcracker Appliance (WebStore).
  2. On the Manage menu, click Budget. The Budget page is displayed.

  3. On the Budget page, browse and select the file and click Upload. A Confirmation message is displayed.

    Once the file is uploaded successfully, next time during your request process for SaaS services, on the Payment Details page the system will ask you to select the budget code. The system will validate the budget code that you have entered against what you have defined in the template and process your request accordingly. If the amount for the subscription that you are trying to buy is more than your allocated budget for the budget code you have entered, an alert message is displayed.

  4. Click View Showback Report to view the report. This will display a high-level allocations of IT Apps to the business units, which will help the Enterprise Administrator to track the total Budget Utilization of instances.

Sample Showback Report