Controlled Stack Template

A crucial characteristic of any DevOps team is to enable teams more autonomy over provisioning resources without the red tape and extensive time delay of traditional IT environments. If it is implemented without the accompanying automation and process best practices, decentralized teams have the potential to produce convoluted and non-standard security rules, configurations, storage volumes, etc. and therefore drive up costs. Using predefined stack templates, Administrators can bake in security, network, and instance family/size configurations, so that the process of deploying instances is not only faster but aligned with the Departmental user’s roles and privileges and ensures only specific resources are provisioned. The Jamcracker portal enable the Admins to create stack template as a reusable configuration for virtual machines. When users launch VMs, they can choose from a list of templates Thus users can reuse your template to set up your resources consistently and repeatedly. Just describe your resources once and then provision the same resources over and over in multiple regions.

Administrators are able to define and publish templates that users will be able to launch.

They do so by first On Boarding OS Images for each vendor and then Create Stack Template that use these images.