Payment and Billing Details

Once you add your service(s) to the cart and confirm it by clicking the Secure Checkout button, you will be redirected to the Payment Details page. Specify your order, payment, and billing details on the Payment Details page to complete your order process. The Order section on the Payment Details page shows the items and its price breakups.

Enter Order Details

  1. Enter the sales reference code in the Sales Reference Code field. The sales reference code is the agent (dealer) reference code. Contact your agent if you do not know the reference code.
  2. Specify the order level service activation date in the Service Activation date field. Click the Calendar icon to select the date on which you want your selected services to be activated.
    Note: The service activation date is the date on which your order will be fulfilled.
  3. If you want to see the price break-ups and item details, click Down Arrow.
  4. If you want to set the service level activation date, specify the Service Activation Date in the service activation date field.
  5. On the Payment Details page, click Save Order to save the order and payment details and keep it for a later stage. You can access the saved orders from the Orders page; you can place an order from the saved order. After entering the details (refer to Secure Checkout Process), click Proceed. The Order Receipt page is displayed with the details of the order. Refer to Order Receipt for more information.

Enter Payment details: To place an order, you must select your payment method. The system allows you to select one of the available options (a) PayPal (b) Credit Card or (C) Pre-Approved Credit. If you want to proceed with PayPal as your payment method, then select PayPal as your payment method and click Proceed, an Authorize Payment window is displayed click Authorize. The system will re-direct you to PayPal payment gateway where you can either login (if you are a registered customer) with your paypal account or you can sing-in for a new account by providing the details.

If you select Credit Card as your payment method, then you must authorize your card details with the Third Party Payment Gateway (PayPal). To Authorize your card details, Click Proceed. An Authorize Payment pop-up window is displayed, click Authorize, you will be redirected to PayPal Payment Gateway. With PayPal confirm your card details.
Note: If you are placing the order for the first time, and you have selected your payment method as “Credit Card”, then you must authorize your card details with PayPal, simply by creating an account with PayPal by providing your card details and accepting the terms and conditions.

Once you are done, you will be redirected to the Additional Information page (if required) or to Order Receipt page.

If you have selected your payment method as “Pre-Approved Credit”. You order will be moved to “Payment Required” state, and once it gets your administrator approval, you can start using it.

  1. For the first time while placing an order you have to select your billing option. Otherwise, the system will display your selected payment option.
    Note: Please note, the payment method is defined by your store administrator. Whatever the payment method is opted by your administrator, will be the default payment method for you to make payments for the subscriptions/orders that you buy from the store. To change your payment method you must contact your store administrator.
  2. In the Billing Details section, the system will auto populate your mailing address (as provided at the time of registration) in the address fields. If you want to specify an alternate address as your billing address, select the “No, I want to specify the details for billing address” option, type the address in the address fields. Select your country and state. Type your city and the zip code in the respective fields.
    Note: The Zip field will not be displayed if the selected country does not have a Zip Code.
  3. After entering the details, click Proceed.
    Note: The Setup fee is a one-time fee added to your first billing cycle if the service is associated with a setup fee. The grand total is sum of setup fee and the recurring fee incurred for the services you have selected.

Payment Methods

The application supports:

  • Credit Card - The Billing System has implemented a Payment Gateway Framework that can support credit cards as a Payment method. The Billing System does not store Credit Card Information and uses Payment Gateway tokenization as specified. After the invoice is generated, payment transactions are triggered automatically for customer having credit card as their payment method. Enable this option if you want your customers to pay using their credit card. However, you must enable the payment gateways and the processing options on how the payment to be processed. Please note that the application supports TM Payment Gateway and Braintree as payment gateways to process all credit card transactions. You can define your own processing option, if you would like your customers to be charged automatically once the invoice is generate, enable Automatic check box, or if you would like your customers to be charged before the invoice is generated, enable Customer Self Service check box.
    Note: The TM Payment Gateway supports Customer Self Service option, which means the customer has to pay the billed amount before consuming the subscription and Braintree supports Automatic, which means the customer will be charged automatically once the invoice is generated.
  • PayPal - By enabling this option, you are enabling PayPal as the direct the payment gateway for your member users. The user would be redirected to the PayPal site for creating or using an existing account. You can define your own processing options, if you would like your customers to be charged automatically once the invoice is generate, enable Automatic check box, or if you would like your customers to be charged before the invoice is generated, enable Customer Self Service check box.
  • Pre-Approved Credit - Pre-Approved Credit is an offline payment method requiring approval to establish a credit line before requests can be fulfilled. If the customer has opted for an offline payment type (like Pre-Approved Credit), the invoices can be marked as paid once the payments are received against the invoices. By enabling this option, you are allowing your customers to buy the service offer and offering them to make offline payment. However, before your customer opts for Pre-Approved Credit as the payment method, you should define/set the credit limit for your customers.
    Note: The system uses PayPal Express as the Payment Gateway which supports Automatic processing only. However, you can select Customer Self Service option, if your payment gateway supports it.

Remove Services

  1. On your Payment Details page, click Remove next to the service you want to remove. A confirmation message is displayed.
  2. Click Confirm.
    Note: You should have valid privilege to place an order.