Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart page displays the items you have added to your cart along with the price plan. The price fields display the price break-ups. You can add or remove items from the shopping cart. You can also Increase/Reduce the subscription quantity you want to purchase.

View Shopping Cart Details

Once the services are added to your cart, the Shopping Cart page is displayed.


Click My Cart at any point of time. The Shopping Cart page is displayed.
Note: You can buy services in bundles. A bundle service is a package of multiple services. The ordering procedure for services available in bundle is the same as normal services. Some of the service(s) may have dependent service(s). If you try to buy such service(s), you may have to buy the dependent service(s) too.
Note: For Usage Based SaaS service offers, the system will display the different charges configured. This can include recurring fee, setup fee and usage rates per usage attribute. For IaaS service offers, to view the pricing details click the More Information link.

It displays the service offers you have added to the cart, the quantities for each item, and the price details.

Add More Services to the Shopping Cart

To add more services to your shopping cart, do the following:

  1. On your Shopping Cart page, click Continue Shopping to shop for more services.
  2. The Browse All Services page is displayed. Browse through the services catalog, and add more services to the shopping cart.

The shopping cart gets updated and all the items you have selected will get listed on your shopping cart.

Remove Services from the Shopping Cart

To remove a service from your shopping cart, do the following:

  1. On your Shopping Cart page, click the Remove link next to the service you want to remove. A confirmation message is displayed.
  2. Click Confirm.

The selected services will be removed from the shopping cart.

Secure Checkout Process

To confirm your orders, do the following:

  1. On your Shopping Cart page, click Secure Checkout.
    Note: Some services might require additional information. Refer to Entering Additional Information for more information.
  2. The Payment Details page is displayed. This page shows the number of items added to the cart and allows the user to confirm the details. On hovering on the tax link you can see the tax break-ups. Taxes displayed are an estimate based on the date, product code, billing region and other parameters and may change during the invoice generation. The final tax amount will be shown in the invoice.
    Note: The Grand Total amount is the total amount charged for the item(s) that you have opted to buy for one complete bill cycle. However, if you want to know the exact amount charged for the current bill cycle, click the “Current Billing Cycle Details” link. On clicking the link, the system will display exact amount due towards the recurring fee and setup fee along with tax break-ups for the pro-rated period. If the service offer is Usage Based service then the system will display only the unit rate for the usage attributes.
  3. If you want to increase your order quantity, enter number of items that you want to buy and click Enter from your keyboard. For service offers if the billing model is selected as Pay Per User, then the user cannot enter any quantity as the recurring amount is based on the number of users to whom the offer is assigned.
  4. Enter the payment details, if you are buying for the first time and click Proceed.

Enter Additional Information

Some services might require additional information, so it is mandatory that you enter the service specific additional information to complete your buying process. The store collects additional information for service provisioning.

  1. In the Additional Company Information window, type the required information in the relevant fields. The additional information is specific to services and might vary from service to service. You must provide user level and company information to complete the service ordering.
  2. Click Save and Finish.