Update Alerts and Policies (Optional)

Enterprises that require automated rules and alerts to monitor usage costs can leverage the 'Policy' feature.

By default, the appliance has a set of default policies that sends out alerts and performs certain actions to ensure costs are under control:

  • when usage for a cloud provider account reaches a certain amount
  • when usage for cloud product (like AWS EC2 or other AWS / Azure services) reaches a pre-defined cost
  • to Shutdown VMs over the weekend
  • to re-start VMs that have been shut down over the weekend
    Note: You can create additional automated alerts and events to perform other activities like Scale In or Scale Out or shutdown virtual machines over the weekend etc.

To ensure the policies are configured to suit your organization, configure as mentioned below:

  1. Log into the Appliance portal with the same Username and password shared in the 'Welcome' email.
  2. Click My Company > Policiesto view the list of default alerts and events available in the Appliance.

  3. View the details by clicking on the ‘Actions’ button
  4. Update the Email IDs of the stakeholders who must receive the alerts (dummy email IDs have been used , that need to be replaced)
  5. Edit the default threshold amounts (for example, instead of being alerted when the usage amount reaches $100 for an Account, you may change the configuration to get the alerts when usage amount crosses $50)
  6. Review and edit the Recurrence Pattern to monitor the usage and receive alerts accordingly.

Once the above steps are performed, the default policies are ready to be used. For additional details refer to the section ‘Policies’.