VCD Account Settings

VCD (Virtual Cloud Directory) enables cloud service providers to convert physical data centers into highly elastic virtual data centers (VDCs). It achieves this by converting physical data center resources, such as network, storage and compute, into VDC resources, which the service provider then makes available as catalog-based services to internal users through a web portal.

One of the key concepts behind VMware vCD is the organization. An organization is a collection of users and groups created in JSDN that are automatically synced with VCD. The VDC also provides an environment in which virtual systems can be stored, deployed or operated. An organization can receive resources from more than one VDC. There's also no limit to how many users and groups a single organization can have.

Once an organization is established, the vCD admin grants its members role-based access to a self-service portal that they can then use to interact with the organization's resources. From there, they can create virtual machines (VMs), which are collections of pre-configured VMs that combine applications with the operating systems (OSes) they require.
Note: We assume that you have already configured VCD account and Usage Meter

To launch a VCD stack, do the following:

  1. Login to Jamcracker Appliance.
  2. Navigate to Catalog page and search for VCD service.
  3. Click View Offers, review the details and click Launch.
    Note: For the first time if you are launching a Stack, the platform validates your account with VCD, if you do not have an account, you will be asked to add your VCD account first.
  4. Click Add Account. Click here to know how to add the account.
The Stack Designer Console is launched. Refer to Launch AppStack for more details.
Note: If you are a customer administrator, we recommend you to please contact your marketplace administrator to get your account configured with Jamcracker Appliance. Once your account to configured, you can map your account to JSDN.

VCD Account Mapping

To add you VCD account in Jamcracker Appliance you need to provide the following information in "Add Cloud Credentials" page.

Perform the following steps to map your vCloud account with Jamcracker Appliance.

  1. Login to Jamcracker Appliance.
  2. Now, navigate to Manage > Cloud Service Credentials page.
  3. On the Cloud Service Credentials page, click the Add Cloud Service Credentials icon.

  4. Select vCloud as your Cloud Provider from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the Provider Code from the drop-down list.
  6. By default the account type is Paying Account.
    Note: Please note, if the provider has only one account type, then the system will consider it as default offer code. You will not have an option to select. However, if the provider has multiple account types, then you must select one from the list.
  7. Click Save. For the first time, you will be prompted to create your vCloud Directory Account in JSDN.

    Create Organization: Click here to understand how to create organization.

  8. Type your Organization Name, System Admin Username, Password, and Confirm Password.

  9. Click Next.

    Create Organization VDC: Click here to understand how to create organization VDC.

  10. Type your Organization VCD Name, Allocation Model Type, Provider VCD, and External Network.

  11. Click Next.

    Edge Gateway: Click here to understand how to create edge gateway.

  12. Type Edge Gateway. Configure an edge gateway to provide connectivity to one or more external networks.

    Edge Gateway that can operate as a full firewall and VPN endpoint device. This will allow customers to configure a VPN tunnel directly into their private network by providing seamless access to hosted virtual servers.

  13. Click Next.

    Create Organization Network: Click here to understand how to create organization network.

  14. Type your Organization Network Name, Gateway Address for Organization Network, Network Mask, and Static IP Pool Range.

  15. Click Next.
    1. As you complete all the details required for a particular provider, click Save. The newly created account is initially listed with status as In-Progress.
    2. Once the status is changed to Active, click the Validate link from the Actions column.
      By validating your cloud account with JSDN, the data what you have in your cloud account will get sync with JSDN system and displays you the Dashboard, Resource usage, Subscription usage, Billing and many more.
      Note: Please note that the sync process might take some time to load your data.
  16. Your account is successfully created. You will be redirected to AppStack Designer Console. Refer to Launch AppStack for more details.