Cost Trend By Provider

Cost by Provider Trend widget provides information of the cost associated with different/all providers over a period of 1 year for all SaaS services that are/were utilized.

Cost by Provider Trend shall represent the cost of all services being utilized from multiple providers over the period of last 12 months or 1 year. If the current date is 10th February, the graph shall consider all orders between the dates of Feb 11th (previous year) to Feb 10th (Current year) to populate the data.

If the customer is a new customer, populate the available data and the rest of the trend graph shall be blank.
Figure: Cost Trend By Provider

By default the trend graph shall showcase details for all SaaS providers in a single line graph.

Individual providers can also be chosen to be viewed from the drop down. By default 'All providers' will be selected.

Graph Representation

The user will have the ability to change the format of the graph with the following values and appropriate details shall be loaded within the graph widget.

  • Line graph (Default)
  • Column graph
  • Table
  • .CSV Format

Total Cost value during the trend period for all the services consumed shall be displayed within the widget based on the providers selected.

Total Cost value shall be populated per provider based on the selection of the provider.

The user should be able to point on the line graph to know the value of the graph for a particular month. The Provider Name/ All Providers, Month Year value, and the cost of all services by that particular provider during the month shall be shown on a div.

Legends to represent each of the providers shall be available within the widget to identify the provider uniquely.