Resource Scripts

The Resource Scripts framework in JSDN Platform helps you to create various resources (VPC, Subnet and RDS) on providers, like AWS using pre-configured scripts. The current version of JSDN Platform supports Ansible scripts to execute and manage resources (RDS) launched through the script. However, some of the resources, like VPC, Subnet can be managed only through provider console. The JSDN Platform comes with Custom templates along with some pre-seeded templates that can be customized for resources such as VPC, Subnet, RDS etc to automate the cloud provisioning process.

Note: You should have valid permissions to perform the following actions. If you don’t see any of the options, we recommend you to contact your administrator.

Click here to know more about each resource type.

To have your own Custom template (custom resource scripts) along with the pre-seeded templates in the Resource Type drop-dwon list, you have to perform certain backend activties. Click here to know more about what activies to be performed at the backend. Once you are done with your backend activties, continue with creating a service.