Patch Releases

Refer to the each patch release of the version.

Release 1

Document Version - Version # 1

This document covers the release information for Jamcracker Appliance. The release includes enhancements and resolved issues that were noticed during our general testing of the platform.

  • Release Details - Appliance Release 1
  • Release Patch Number - 1
  • Platform Version - 7.12.7
  • Appliance Package - CSBSP v7.0.2
  • Services Deployed - N/A
  • N/A
Issues Resolved
  • Enhancement to application security
  • Enhancement to IBM Softlayer integration


  • N/A


System should be up and running with a genuine license.

Deployment Instructions

Please follow below steps to apply patch in

Step 1. Login to appliance machine using CentOS credentials.

Step 2. Switch to root user (sudo su).

Step 3. Change directory to /root/patch_home.

Step 4. Use the below command in Unix Environment to get the file.

wget '' -O JSDN7.12.7-SNAPSHOT_PATCH_1.tar

Step 5. Execute below command to apply patch.


For any queries please contact Jamcracker Appliance Support team @

Email –

Phone - +1 844-353-8777