Before you setup your appliance, you must ensure that you have the following pre-requisites in place:

  1. Launching from AWS Marketplace/Console

    JSDN AppServer: AWS AMI - The AMI Id is not required while launching from AWS Marketplace, however it is required while launching the appliance from the AWS Console.

    • Contact Jamcracker at for the appliance image, which can be associated with your AWS account or go to AWS Marketplace to launch the image. Click here to know how to launch appliance from the AWS Marketplace.
  2. Launching from Azure Marketplace
    • You must have a valid Microsoft Azure Account. Click here to know how to launch appliance from the Azure Marketplace.
  3. License Key
    • You can request for a license key either by clicking the request link (while launching an appliance) or you can contact Jamcracker Support team by sending an email to
      Note: License key is unique and is generated/associated with instance ID of your appliance
  4. Login Credentials
    • Once the license key is generated, you will receive your login credentials through an email from Jamcracker. If you do not receive, please contact Jamcracker Support team
  5. Cloud Service Credentials for,
    1. Amazon Web Services - Paying or Linked Account
    2. Microsoft Azure
    3. Google Cloud Platform
    4. IBM Bluemix (Softlayer)
  6. Before you launch an appliance, it is recommended to use following server configurations for respective vendors:
    Note: For Cloud Analytics and Cloud Control the supported providers are AWS and Microsoft Azure.
    Note: For Hybrid Cloud Management the supported providers are AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
    Note: For CSB Standard the supported providers are Microsoft Azure.
    Note: For CSB - Service Provider the supported providers are Microsoft Azure and VMWare (Esxi 5.5+).
    Provider Instance Type OS Type Static/Public IP Ports to be Opened Internet connectivity
    Microsoft Azure D2S_V3 Std (2 vCPUs, 8 GB memory, 60 GB HD) CentOs-based 7.5 Yes 80 & 443 for Application access

    SSH Port to be opened to access the server

    Vmware (Esxi 5.5+) 2vCPU Core8GB RAM60GB Storage CentOs-7.4 Yes 80 & 443 for Application accessSSH Port to be opened to access the server Yes
  7. While accessing the appliance or any third party url, it is recommended that you must turn off Pop-Up Blockers in your web browser.