Public Cloud

Resource Configuration Summary

Resource Configuration Summary graph provides summary of the resources, their count and many more for the selected private cloud.

Cloud Insights

Cloud Cost Trend

The Cloud Cost Trend shows the cost trends based on previous spending providing valuable information about cost anomalies. In cloud cost trend graph, by filtering to the project that has been migrated, you can view the cost trend based on usage for the migrated project. This graph helps you to compare public cloud cost trend against Data Center trend and take necessary actions.

VM Count by Flavours

The cost of a Virtual machine can be broken down by the various "tier size" of instances-"Micro," "Small," "Standard" etc. The size of the virtual machine affects the pricing. The size also affects the processing, memory, and storage capacity of the virtual machine. This visualization shows the relative costs based on the above parameters and will enable cost optimization.

VM Distribution based on OS

The graph helps you to keep track of VMs that are distributed across various operating systems. The graph details the percentage and number of VMs associated with different OS.