SaaS Dashboard

The SaaS dashboard provides you a consolidate utilization of your SaaS resources of your customers.

SaaS Dashboard is a dashboard with extensive information on utilization of SaaS resources by your customers. To access your SaaS Dashboard, navigate to Dashboard > SaaS Dashboard menu option. Your dashboard is page is displayed. The dashboard will provide you a consolidate utilization of your SaaS resources of your customers. Ample information is represented in a graphical format in terms of cost, order status, license status etc., to help you visualize the previous and current utility and expenses involved with each of the resources. However, if the store administrator login to the store, he/she can filter based on each customer usage.

Note: The Jamcracker Platform also allow the Reseller / Store Admin to be able to order and consume SaaS and IaaS services through the store. The Reseller admin using the end user portal will be able to perform all activities that a Customer Admin of any organization is able to perform. Along with these additional privileges, the dashboards available at the end user portal allows the Reseller admin to view the dashboards related to his company as well as other customer companies of the store. Whereas IaaS Inventory and Recommendations dashboards restricts the view to accounts as configured for the Reseller Admin's organization. This is because IaaS Inventory and Recommendations dashboards are dynamic in nature and fetch live results from the ISV APIs. In order to get a view of the customer organizations' inventory and recommendations, the admin will have to proxy down to each customer's account.
Figure: SaaS Dashboard
  • All costs displayed in this dashboard are excluding taxes (if any).

  • Cost of service(s) shown in the graphs under SaaS Dashboard will be zero when the service is offered with 100% discounts/ promotions. This is applicable to all cost related widgets.
    Note: Please note, if the date value is slight, then the data pertain to those groups/pieces will be combined. It is recommended to use Table Chart to view and analyze the data.