Usage Based Policies

The platform allows to configure a usage based policy that alerts when the predefined usage amount is reached.

This usage amount can be configured either for a Service Provider and specific service like AWS EC2 or Azure Storage. The usage amount is the cumulative usage for the billing cycle and considers the complete usage for all resources provisioned either within the platform or directly from the vendor console.

The platform allows to specify a% Variance field that can send out Alerts when the variance exceeds a predefined % value.

For the Usage alert for an Account or for a Resource (like AWS S3)that is configured at the store level the functionality should just similar to the Store Admin logging into the Store url and viewing the Dashboard. So the alert should consolidate the data for the Store Admin for all the customers of the store (only Linked accounts registered in the store will be considered for the usage alert).The email sent to the store admin will have the breakup for the individual customer accounts.

For the usage alerts configured at the customer level the notifications will be based on the usage for the respective account.
Note: No need to define the mandatory symbol as the system will consider zero.
Note: If nothing is defined, then everyday alert will be sent as long as usage amount/variance % exceed 0.
Note: If only amount is defined, but no variance, then alert whenever usage amount is reached.
Note: If only variances defined, but no amount is defined then alert whenever variance % is reached.